Think of lube car service when you car squeaks

Lube car services stops your car from squeaking, and lube car stops steering joints from wearing out

Lube car or car lubrication services are available in almost every car care center. When a car and its engine start to produce seriously loud and annoying sounds, we generally say that car is squeaking; and it’s time to perform a lube car service.

But why do these car components begin to squeak? This is because suspension and steering joints wear out when un-lubricated metal-to-metal contact abrades bushings and bearing surfaces.

To help prevent squeaking, the car care center typically recommends you perform   chassis lubrication, which is not at all expensive.

The service fee is much cheaper than a price of one worn out tie-rod end. There are so many Lube car products including hand-pumped chassis grease guns, lubricant in aerosol cans, and more. 

For many years, PTT Lubricants has researched, developed, and made available the best formulas of premium quality lubricating oil products for lube car services.

PTT, the oil company produces lubricants for gasoline engines, motorcycles, light duty and heavy duty diesel engines, mobile gas engines, agricultural and multipurpose engines, jet-skis, speed boats, fishery and marine, as well as transmission systems.

Whenever you think of premium quality products for Lube car actions, please don’t forget PTT lubricants
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