Premium lube oil for better vehicle performance

Premium lube oil for better performance of engines and transmission systems of your vehicles

Lube oil or lubricating oil is mainly used in the form of engine oil. It helps lubricate moving parts, clean inhibit corrosion, improve sealing, and cool the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts.

Most importantly, lube oil ensures better performance of engines and transmission systems of your vehicles. PTT Lubricantshas researched, developed, and made available the best formula of premium quality lube oil for better vehicle performance for so many years.

Many PTT lubricating oil products are currently available in the market. These products include lubricants for gasoline engines, motorcycles, light duty and heavy duty diesel engines, mobile gas engines, agricultural and multipurpose engines, jet-skis, speed boats, fishery and marine, as well as transmission systems.

PTT constantly provides its valued customers and consumers with the best service from its expert teams. The company offers varieties of services such as providing technical solution and information about products, promotion, and used oil analysis in order to bring the best value of its products to customers.

Rest assured, you can always trust the quality and after-sales services of lube oil from PTT

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