Lubrication oil functions and ensures better performance of motor engines

Lubrication oil carries out many functions and benefits that can enhance better performance of your vehicles

Lubrication oil is oil used for lubrication of various internal combustion engines. It can also be called as lube oil or lubricant, as well as engine or motor oil.

Lubrication oil carries out many functions including keeping moving parts apart, reducing friction, transferring heat, carrying away contaminants and debris, transmitting power, protecting against wear, preventing corrosion, sealing gases, and stopping the risk of smoke and fire of objects.

Most importantly, lubrication oil enhances better performance from engines and transmission systems of vehicles. One of the most well-known brands of lubrication oil products in Southeast Asia region is PTT Lubricants.

The PTT Company has researched, developed, and made available the best formula of premium quality lubrication oil for better vehicle performance for so many years. Many of its lubricating oil products that are currently available in the market include lubricants for gasoline engines (PERFORMA), motorcycles (CHALLENGER), light duty and heavy duty diesel engines (DYNAMIC), mobile gas engines (METHANA and GASTECH), agricultural and multipurpose engines (DYNATRAC, V-120, and V-TECH), jet-skis (RACING FORMULA BIO-SYN), speed boats (POWER-R OUTBOARD and MAX OUTBOARD), fishery and marine (SEATECH), as well as transmission systems (POWERTRANS, POWER TRAC, and AUTOMAT) .

Besides lubrication oil PTT Lubricants also has grease, brake fluid, and other lubricating products

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