Premium quality synthetic lubricant for better vehicle performance

Premium quality synthetic lubricant for better performance of engines and transmission systems of your vehicles

Synthetic lubricant is lubricating oil consisting of chemical compound additives that are artificially made or fully synthesized.

Synthetic lubricant is a combination of synthetic base oil plus thickeners and additives.

Synthetic lubricant has many performance advantages over conventional mineral-based lubricants in terms of engine cleanliness, improved fuel economy, low oil consumption, easier engine start, oil sludge prevention, excellent cold starting and low temperature fluidity, high temperature oxidation resistance, excellent wear protection, extended drain capability for heavy-duty diesel trucks and gasoline powered trucks.

In short, synthetic lubricant from the PTT Company has an inherent ability to perform efficiently in extreme or difficult environments.  

One of key benefits derived from synthetic lubricant and its excellent performance is that the replacement interval of synthetic engine oil is greater than mineral-based engine oil.

Synthetic engine oil was firstly used for aircraft engines in World War II concurrently in Germany and the United States.

In the early 1960s, Chevron U.S.A. introduced its first commercial utilization using hydro-cracking technology at Chevron’s Richmond California refinery. 

Nowadays, synthetic lubricant is widely used for gasoline motor engines, diesel motor engines, aircraft jet engines, aircraft piston engines.

One of the most well-known brands of Synthetic lubricant in Southeast Asia region is PTT Lubricants

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